Tuesday, August 17, 2010




"The bastard degenerate of pop culture has revealed himself.
Daniel Disaster :: producer, aural anarchist, DJ and Grand Hustle heavy hitter is about to put you on his trench as fuck, dirty down South wobble project :: Megan Foxxx ::
T.I, Young Jeezy, Justin Timberlake,Young Dro, Yung LA, and Lil Wayne… no its not your ipod playlist, this is just a few of the many artists Daniel has worked with. His invisible hand has been helping facilitate the latest “swag movement” that has been taking over the radio.

As a DJ, Megan Foxxx isn’t for you pussy ‘cocktail’ drinking motherfuckers who only go out to pose in the outfit you bought two hours ago. No, Megan Foxxx is for the guys who start dance riots… for the girls that decide it isn’t a question of ‘if’ they’re fucking but ‘whom.’

Megan Foxxx utilizes is wide spectrum of music and his 10 yrs of experience in producing to create the perfect blend of house, punk, dubstep, electro, rap and hardcore.
With mixtape series Beautiful Monsters on the way and the collaborative project Heroes + Villians already cranking out remixes of Roscoe Dash’s ‘All the Way Turnt Up’ and Waka Flocka’s ‘Oh Let’s Do It,’ Megan Foxxx is poised to be damaging eardrums.
prepare to be fucked….. and no you cannot spend the night."




HEAVY "So Deep It's Been Digested" from Oh Snap Kid on Vimeo.

HEAVY > House Party from Oh Snap Kid on Vimeo.

HEAVY "Sexuality is Not All We Own" from Oh Snap Kid on Vimeo.


"Up and coming producer / dj creating quite a buzz with an appealing mixture of sounds and genres of dark, heavy and hard bass tunes. Bringing his charming looks and dangerous mixture of bassline electro, dubstep and house this is going to be one chaotic rave."


GHIBLI - Ocean Breeze Digital / Mystic Records

"GHIBLI (originally from Chattanooga) started djing in 1997 spinning soul house in Chicago, IL under the name DJ Rextacy, where he djed all over the midwest and down south. Soon afterwards, GHIBLI moved overseas to Italy, and began spinning drum and bass all over Europe. He has djed in front of crowds of 3,000+ people and in places like Amsterdam and Rome. During his time overseas, Rex Henry founded Mystic Records in 2001 and began the role of audio engineer and producer. In 2007, GHIBLI moved back to the United States and set up shop in Florida, he quickly made his name known by his precision mixing and amazing track selection. 2008 saw the launch of Ocean Breeze Digital with the goal of taking liquid funk, atmospheric, jazzy, and deep drum'n'bass to a new level. OBD has 10 releases from major artists all over the world. Recently moving back home to Tennessee, GHIBLI is ready to bring liquid funk to the Tennessee EDM scene and already won Best DJ in Knoxville at the 2010 DJ Throwdown. This will be GHIBLI's first show in his home town.
Kurse Smith BIO Kurse Smith is an American Hip Hop artist, born November 23, 1984 in Wichita, KS, currently residing in Knoxville, TN. His style can be categorized as electronic hip hop, but is limitless in the experimentation through sound. His debut mix-tape is titled " Lost In This Moment", is scheduled for late summer of 2010. Several collaborations include acts known as 2Fresh, Classic Tone, and Digital Butter . This year he as made a major impact on stages across the south eastern border performing at many venues like Knoxville, TN's New Amsterdam, Sun Sphere, and The World Grotto; North Carolina's The Garage and at Tennessee's Boobutwah Music Festival. Music has always played a significant role in Kurse's development as a person, finding his passion at the age of 10. His inspiration comes from all genres of music, which have defined his uniqueness and versatility as an artist. on electronic music while combining the art of mc'ing."


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